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ICA Sweden

Private label.


Packaging Design

Product Strategy

Structural Design

Category research

ICA, the leading grocery retailer in Sweden.

The brief was to re-design the vegetarian segment of ICAs private label products with a focus on flavour, quality, sustainability and health. The new design should feel modern, unique and offer inspiration to ICAs new and wider target group.

Creative Team

Robin Sjöberg

Christian Kaplan

Zaida Andersson

Clara Bengtsson


After a thorough look at ICAs competitors, current packaging and in store communication we wanted to create a packaging solution that would be easy to dispose, offer high usability and work well as a brand carrier on and of the shelf. We also explored a new way of packaging minced soy protein that also helps consumers to use it in a responsible and sustainable way.


Many of the products are offered as both frozen and dry food, to ensure recognition between the two we went for a bold colour palette that is clearly visible in both dark and light areas such as freezers and standing fridges. The colours also represent the latest in vegetarian and non meat products from ICA and helping the brand reaching new consumers that seeks a high quality alternative to meat.

To give the packaging a more unique look we stepped away from the traditional photography often displaying a dish and chose to utilize the photos on all areas of the packaging. By using all areas of the packaging we gave each product a stronger presence and increased awareness of ICA and its new products. To keep the new look consistent and adaptable we used a sleeve solution acting as a label and a seil for added functionality. The sleeve is finally combined with either a tray or our new portion packaging depending on the product.


With a clear goal to minimize the use of plastic and replacing it with a more renewable and sustainable material we focused on carton board and wood fibre packaging for the dry and frozen foods. Our portion packaging uses plastic and does so because it’s the most suitable solution that can maintain the quality of the product and whilst staying functional.

“A minimal design language that feels modern and unique in store and on the shelf. The main focus of the packaging are the product photos which are bold and challenging. You’re letting the photos communicate throughout the whole packing utilizing all sides, which is great to see.”

ICA Sweden

EMV Designbyrå

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