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Kahls Kaffe

a century of taste.


Packaging Design

Structural Design



Kahls has offered premium coffee since 1911. We saw a need to clarify their visual communication, this together with their brand values, exclusivity, craftsmanship and sustainability is the foundation on which we have developed a new identity and packaging design.


The new logo is made of bespoke letterforms that take their inspiration from traditional signs and storefronts, this also gives a clear hint to the company’s history and craftsmanship. To keep recognition we chose a slightly darker red that gives the logo a more serious and exclusive impression.


Other graphic elements were created to give a more professional look that speaks premium. The deeper colour palette enhances the exclusivity and gives the packaging the elegant feel it deserves. A new set of pictograms was created to clarify the process of brewing coffee and to further improve on pack communication toward customers.


As we have worked with two segments of coffee products we created one unique pattern for each segment. The patterns themselves take inspiration from terrain charts, topography, and textiles from each culture. It felt as a natural solution to use patterns as they visually emphasise the coffee beans origin and the countries in which they are grown.


We have created a design language that speaks exclusivity and clearly communicates Kahls brand values. With two very distinctive colour palettes we have given each product range its own identity that separates them from competitors and gives each product a strong presence on and of the shelf.

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